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For English Speakers!

Thank you for visiting our website.

We welcome English speakers to CRAFEAT!😊

CRAFEAT is our original word with [CRAFT] and [EAT]. You can enjoy contemporary Japanese food with traditional Japanese crafts dishes in this region, such as Wajimanuri lacquerware, Kutaniyaki porcelain, Kinpaku Gold leaf products, etc.

We serve a casual course meal on the 1st floor, ¥4000 / ¥ 6000/ ¥8000 per person. Also, we serve a special contemporary course meal with authentic dishes on the 2nd floor, ¥11000 / per person. (tax included)

Please contact us from the reservation form on our website; please make sure to choose the reservation date and time (we accept starting from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.), the numbers of your party, and your name and email address, and do not forget to tell us your food allergies and restrictions! :)

↓↓↓ a casual course meal on the 1st floor ↓↓↓

↓↓↓ a special course meal on the 2nd floor ↓↓↓


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Tel: 090-4740-4177

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